Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Articles

I read the article "Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery models" by M.A. Kajewski. The article told me the services being offered on the internet are finally being used in the library. The libraries are creating their own virtual communities so they can find things customers need from all over the world faster. The libraries needed these changes to stay relevant to the students of today. 
In Ferdigs' editorial,"Examining Social Software in Teacher Education", he informed me that when teachers are assigned as advisors they checkup on their students using facebook. Another point was that students by reading facebook and various other friend sites, learn together. They get on the site and talk about classes and get feedback from others then the students try out the new info thus creating learning communities. 
I did not know there was a resource on the internet to make sure the websites used by teachers are appropriate and which helps teachers find the effectiveness of the resource sites. It is called MERLOT and it helps teachers find resources and the effectiveness of those site resources. I learned this by reading the article,"MERLOT:Bringing Peer Review to Web-Based Educational Resources."

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  1. I did not know either about Merlot. My biggest concern about using social networking sites like facebook to post assignments is there association with everything but education. Something like Merlot is something I would definitely consider using if it is more clearly associated with education and less associated with things that can be considered inappropriate for students.