Wednesday, February 16, 2011

blogs vs boards

Blogs are for a specific group or person to place ideas and post and receive visitor comments.  Visitors don't start messages  and only the owner post to people they want to see it. To deliver a message.  Boards are used to solicit feedback and generates dialogue between users in a group.  They are a more open, less monitored environment with more activity that everyone can engage in. I think they are both useful depending on who is using it and for what.  If I want everyone's opinion on something I want to go to a board but if i have something to say to a particular group only, then i want a blog.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

facebook/myspace compare and also to linkened/plaxo

Facebook is a network for friends,family, classmates more to only people you know and allow . People looking for professional careers.  My space is for people looking for creative careers, and is a more open view to anyone's profile.  More college students are on facebook and more high school students are on my space. These two site are more for socializing than linkedin and plaxo which are geared toward the business networking.

differences between plaxo/linkedin

The only difference i have found is  how your contacts are managed. Plaxo manages your contact information for you. In linkedin you do this yourself. They are both professional, business, social networks.

library thing

this was a good site for finding books and info from the library. It also includes whats happening at libraries> I find this to be a very good site to find any book and students can look up  any info they need- at least all of the strange ones i looked for i found!  It is verrry useful!!

all about image generator

this is a very fun site i enjoyed playing with the various things on there like; banners,posters cards and all the rest!  I had fun there and spent quite awhile looking  and playing! I sent a post from there --ALOT OF FUN! it could be usefull too!

Physednut's Fan Sign Collection 2011

Physednut's Fan Sign Collection 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

discovering podcast

I would much rather play with u tubes learning videos than podcast it was just easier with u tube. I did find a few things to look up that interested me but on the other hand couldn't find other things that i was interested in that should have been easy to find.

Utube uses

I figured out how to use u tube and found that it is very interesting to be able to watch  and learn. I found a few learning videos and they were quite good.  They would be very good for the students to see what they are learning and keep them more interested in learning about the subject on the video.It is always more memorable to see what you are learning about-- useful.

podcast alaska

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Polar bears

Social Bookmarks

The social bookmarks help organize, manage , search and save links to web pages you want to remember and they are only shared where you want them to be shared. Resources are not shared but are bookmarked for you. Libraries use to provide lists of informative links to their patrons.


The thing i discovered on this site was a story about acai berry being the new fad to loose weight. Consumer News Report did research on the diet supplement Lean Spa Acai and after four weeks the reporter lost 25 lbs without even trying-just taking the acai berry supplement. Plus weight lose she felt more energy.  The rest of the page is news about the Oscars and Emmy Actors Guild and many news stories,sports,people reports,entertainment,politics,business and technology reports.