Wednesday, January 26, 2011

incorporate into career

Web2.0 is definitely one to have and as a source of new vision in the respective disciplines and areas. There are different sites for all subjects and all ages to help get organized.  RSS reader saves time so you don't have to visit each site individually and user describes feeds everyday for new work downloads, updates, and provides interface and Google docs  for the collaborating tool to edit between user and nonuser when writing papers for class.  These are the sites I would like to try to incorporate into my career in the future.


This source organizes your life on the computer and it is easy to use. To use it you get to the page see main menu and it gives you topics to go to, when you click on it it gives you all the sites where you can find info about the topic. One neat thing I found there was the backpack site.  It organizes notes,photos and files and you can share, organize, and discuss things for school and business. So if you want your students or yourself to get organized in one spot then go here.

rss reader

The rss reader checks user described feeds every day for new works such as downloads, updates and provides user interface to feeds.  It also allows user to avoid manually inspecting all websites  individually by putting them all in one spot -  the browser.  So in a nutshell its a family of web feed formats  called web feed channels to publish updates and have them done all at once automatically. Anything that makes life simpler is a good thing and this will make life on the computer easier.

google docs

I think that google docs is a good  way to edit and create documents online, it stores data of any files up to 1gb, anything sent can be saved easily, as well as added to it, and it never is lost even if you leave it open. Documents are tagged and the user is notified of changes and it's archived to organize many users at once. It is a collaborative tool for editing between user and nonuser in real time. It's a good way to communicate when the students a writing papers where they can create a presentations and the teacher can edit.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Technology Related Interest

The technology based story I read about and was interested in regards to a podcast about astrology. An astronomer in Minnesota was interviewed for a pod cast, where he mentioned that astrology has been inaccurate for thousands of years because of the earth's wobble. Many people viewed it on line and where apparently unaware of this fact; so much so that the uproar it caused made astrologers have to alter their charts. I find it interesting that one innacuous question in an interview posted on line can single handedly change commonly viewed beliefs that were traditionally held "accurate" for thousands of years. This is the impact technology has on our society today.

Uses of Photo Sharing Sites

Besides the usual things to do with favorite photos, like share them with family and friends; you can add information to them, edit them, put them any where on the internet and various other technological devises. You can organize them into collages, add sound, use map vacation, keep up to date with galleries, and contacts, go sightseeing in other places, connect with people anywhere and use power point. All which can help with work and school presentation or for any occasion.

3 Articles

I read the article "Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery models" by M.A. Kajewski. The article told me the services being offered on the internet are finally being used in the library. The libraries are creating their own virtual communities so they can find things customers need from all over the world faster. The libraries needed these changes to stay relevant to the students of today. 
In Ferdigs' editorial,"Examining Social Software in Teacher Education", he informed me that when teachers are assigned as advisors they checkup on their students using facebook. Another point was that students by reading facebook and various other friend sites, learn together. They get on the site and talk about classes and get feedback from others then the students try out the new info thus creating learning communities. 
I did not know there was a resource on the internet to make sure the websites used by teachers are appropriate and which helps teachers find the effectiveness of the resource sites. It is called MERLOT and it helps teachers find resources and the effectiveness of those site resources. I learned this by reading the article,"MERLOT:Bringing Peer Review to Web-Based Educational Resources."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

about me

i love  to teach sports and coach. i am currently studying for my masters in kinesiology and am glad to find it on the internet so i can do it on my own time.

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my name is jeneanne  is this thing working